#PimpYourCrib with Georgia Brown

 Meet West Tower resident Georgia Brown, winner of our PimpYourCrib Instagram competition, first year medical student and self-confessed collector of all things eclectic. Georgia’s room is homey and interesting; the walls are lined with memories, knick-knacks and pictures that she believes all tell a story about her past.

“I’m a bit of a bower-bird, I collect things. I was brought up going to markets and op-shops and garage sales. I don’t usually buy things from shops, the things I own are usually second-hand or given to me. My room is really a collection of what I’ve picked out from the places that remind me of things,” she said.

The West Tower homebody and her fellow female floor-mates hang out every Wednesday, but Georgia appreciates her own space and believes it’s important to take time out for herself.

“It’s good to have this because I have the space to do my work, it’s quiet and I can zen out a bit, but at the same time I can go out to the kitchen and chat and socialise when I want,” she said.

When asked what her favourite thing in her room was Georgia laughs and points to the intricate embossing of a temple carving that she got on a recent trip to Cambodia.

“There’s only three families in Cambodia that know how to do this and that are allowed to do this because it wears away the temples,” she said as she moved across the room to pick up a small red sculpture, “There’s also this, my great uncle gave this to me just before he passed away. It’s just a really simple model of the heart and the heart’s arteries and I’ve always really liked it. As a kid I used to go over to his place and me and my dad would look at it and he’d try and teach me the arteries. I really like it, I think it’s an interesting shape and I like that it’s a bit sculptural.”

My room is really a collection of what I’ve picked out from the places that remind me of things

It’s clear that Georgia is settled in her room and comfortable with her personal style. Her advice to residents moving in is to check out their local op-shop and markets as she believes buying expensive things isn’t necessarily better.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t align with a particular style; just get what you like because at the end of the day that’s going to make you feel at home. I like knowing that I personally collected that, I collected those shelves, I went to that op-shop to get that particular object, I like knowing that I discovered it,” she said.

Feature image taken from Georgia’s Instagram

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