The (Summer) Bucket List

We’re almost as excited about a bucket list as Mrs. Penderghast in Easy A, except ours is a lot less about impending doom and a lot more about the all the great things you should check off your list this summer in Newcastle

1. Visit Nobby’s Beach 

What better way to start your summer than with a little sun, sand and sea? As one of Newcastle’s most popular beaches, Nobby’s Beach has got it all – crystal water, an iconic lighthouse, a surf side kiosk with all your favourite snacks and pesky seagulls that will try to steal your chips.

2. Enjoy some wine, craft beer and cheese platters at the Hunter Valley

Prefer a glass of wine over getting sunburnt on a 38 degree day? We can’t blame you.

Enjoy your favourite wine, beer and spirits with some friends (or by yourself if the squad won’t get their act together) and visit the Hunter Valley while you have some extra time!

You can also visit the Christmas Light Spectacular at the Hunter Valley Gardens for $28 per person to get yourself into the Christmas spirit.

Image by Geoff Whalan

3. Take in the scenery at King Edward Park

If you want to take a break and get away from some of the noise, King Edward Park is the place for you. You can relax on the grass with a good book,  and enjoy the fresh sea air. If you’re lucky, you might see some really cute dogs out on their walk! What more could you want?

PS. King Edward Park is also a fabulous place to have a summertime picnic with some friends!

4. Explore the Fernleigh Track or the ANZAC Walk at Bar Beach (or do both!)

Getting active doesn’t have to be a drag. Newcastle is home to some amazing natural and manmade walks that you can go on, including the ANZAC Walk at Bar Beach with the beautiful beach views or the Fernleigh Track that runs through half the city. If you’re into it, you can also take your bike for a spin along both the tracks!

Image by Justin Lim

5. Make some new furry friends at Blackbutt Reserve

Blackbutt Reserve isn’t just for kids, so get amongst the Australian wildlife and make some new friends – furry or otherwise. One little tip from us to you: stay away from the swans. They don’t wanna be friends. They like bread, water and space so maybe find a peacock instead.

6. Find some treasures at the local markets

You want markets? Newcastle’s got them! You can get local and fresh produce from the weekly Farmers Market at Broadmeadow, find some unique, handmade art and design pieces at The Olive Tree Markets and enjoy the cultural vibes and delicious food at the Hunt & Gather Markets. Make sure to visit the websites for current dates!

No matter what you end up doing this summer, we’d love to know what you’ve been up to! Tag us (@uonstudentliving) in your photos on Instagram and #summeratuon and we’ll try not to be too jealous!

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