Woman of the World

Born in Zimbabwe and raised on a small farm in Malawi, Courtney Allen came to the University of Newcastle to get a world-class education, something she had seen countless young girls be denied in her home country.

As an Edwards Hall resident, Courtney was encouraged to engage in the various community and charity-driven initiatives directed by UON Student Living. So, when she won big in a local member’s draw, Courtney did what other young people wouldn’t even think of – she donated all $10 000 to charity.

Edward’s Hall residents (including Courtney) raising money for the McGrath Foundation

“I won the money, and the first thing I wanted to do was give it to my dad because he pays for everything while I study, but he told me to do what I felt was right with the money instead,” Courtney said.

Girls Empowerment of Malawi, a local grassroots charity situated on Courtney’s family farm, was instantly the right fit.  The charity focuses on giving under privileged young girls the opportunity to get an education, something that Courtney passionately advocates for.

“It’s a very special charity to me. When I was growing up in Malawi, I saw all of the children that didn’t get the opportunity to go to school, and with this money I was able to help so many of them.”

While growing up, Courtney had watched Girls Empowerment of Malawi inspire so many young girls to begin looking toward the future and gave them the tools they needed to make that future real, and she knew that she wanted to help them in their mission.

Courtney’s family farm in Malawi

“I didn’t even need to think about it, I knew they were the right charity. I knew where my money was going and what it was doing,” Courtney said,

“It was the easiest choice I’ve ever made.”

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Girls Empowerment of Malawi is not yet online and is therefore not accepting international donations.

Feature Image: Lina Loos on Unsplash


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