6 ways to enjoy your winter break

The winter chill is starting to set in and the beach is looking less appealing with every passing day. Since semester break takes place during the coldest months of the year, you’re probably wondering: what am I going to do if the beach just isn’t an option anymore?!

Well, you may be surprised to know this, but Newcastle is just as vibrant in the winter as it is in the summer and there’s plenty of things you can do that don’t involve the water!

Go to the Winter Heat Festival

Taking place on Saturday 1 July 2017 from 5pm – 9pm in Honeysuckle, the Winter Heat Festival is all about enjoying good food and keeping warm! The festival is host to multiple fire performances, food vendors, live entertainment and market stalls.

Image via HunterHunter

Check out the Wallsend Winter Fair

This year the Fair is happening on Sunday 13 August and has everything from vibrant specialty stalls, delicious food options to amusement rides and live local entertainment. Did we mention that it’s free?

Go whale watching

Enjoy the sunshine and watch from your spot on Bathers Way as up to 10,000 humpback whales migrate north. Bathers Way is a coastal walk that stretches from Nobby’s Lighthouse to Glenrock Reserve and Burwood Beach, so the choice is yours! Even if you don’t see any whales, you’re more than likely to see some dolphins playing in the water.

Image via Unsplash

Have a movie night

Put in your favourite DVD, grab the popcorn and enjoy a night in with friends. Don’t forget that residents can book out the East Tower cinema to get out of your room for a few hours!

Don’t feel like staying in? Newcastle is also home to multiple movie theatres for you to choose from! Head to Westfield Kotara or Charlestown Square to grab some dinner and see the latest blockbusters.

Go ice skating

Try your luck on the ice and head over to the Hunter Ice Skating Stadium at Warners Bay for a couple of hours of fun. Or maybe not, depending on how good your balance is… The Stadium has public skate times almost every day, so why not have a crack?

Image via Flickr

Find the best hot chocolate in Newcastle

Take a tour of all the cafes and chocolaterias in Newcastle to find out which one has the best hot chocolate. There’s no real downside to this activity – you get to drink glorious chocolate and stay warm the whole time! Head over to San Churro at Kotara or Coco Monde on Darby to get started.

Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us your favourite thing to do in your winter break!

Feature Image: Unsplash

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