Top Five Fresher FAQ’s

Our customer service team gets lots (and lots) of calls and emails and we decided the best way for you to get answers was to get them all together and, well, ask!

Claire, Danielle, Emily and Christine narrowed all your questions down to just five, so here they are: the answers to the Top 5 Fresher FAQ’s!

1. What do I bring?

  • Pots/pans and cutlery (unless you live in Edwards Hall Main Hall).
  • Bed linen – king single is best!
  • Bath towels.
  • Fan (either portable or pedestal). This must meet Australian safety standards.
  • Laundry basket and detergent.
  • Toiletries including toilet paper and toothpaste.
  • Study stuff – laptop/computer, stationery, headphones etc.

Our picks?

Emily: A mattress topper for maximum comfort.

Danielle: Personal items to make your room feel like home! I guarantee Kmart will become your best friend.

Claire: A clothes horse and pegs! A great way to save $2.50 on a dryer.

L-R: Claire (working), Emily and Danielle (being cute) and Christine (hiding).

2. What do you guarantee in each room?

Danielle: Each room is a little different, but in every one there is a bed, a desk, desk lamp and study chair. You can check the app for particular room inclusions!

3. Can I bring a mini-fridge?

Christine: You sure can! Your fridge has to meet Australian safety standards and can be a maximum of 120L.

Emily: Remember that you’re responsible for moving your fridge in and out of your room – we hope you have muscles!

4. Do you have trolleys to help me move things?

Claire: We’ve only got two trolleys available for you all to use and between 500+ people? The odds aren’t great for you to get your hands on one. We suggest that you bring your own trolley for move-in if you have one or try to put your stuff into containers with wheels.

Danielle: …or you could just wrangle your family into carrying the heavy stuff.

5. Will I miss anything if I check in late?

Emily: ResFest is an awesome chance to meet your new roommates and the other residents from all around the precinct but if you can’t get here for it, don’t stress! Just chat to your RM when you arrive and they’ll help you settle into your new home.

See you all at move-in!


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